My Journey - Sharon Ghanimé

My Journey

From a very young age, I always found an importance in connecting the physical body with the mental and spiritual bodies. My self-disciplined and persistent nature ultimately drove me to explore the journey of Yoga. I was first introduced to Yoga in 2010 while juggling a full-time corporate job and studying for my MBA. I found in the practice a sanctuary and an escape from the many anxieties, stresses, and demands of this fast-paced world… I was returning to the essence of my true self.

After regularly practicing for a few years and still focusing on building my corporate career, I hit a wall in 2014 that shook me at my core and awakened something in me. That was my turning point. (I stopped for a moment to reflect upon my life and on what brings me joy, power, and stability?). So, I booked a ticket to India to pursue my 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training from Trimurti in Goa and upon my return, my Yoga teaching journey immediately began in Beirut, my hometown. It was then and there that my teacher granted me my spiritual name ‘Shakti’. Today, I hold ‘Shakti’ close to my heart and live up to all the divine attributes she cultivates. 

Immersed in the Ashtanga method, I revisited India in 2015 to complete my 300 hrs Advanced Teacher Training and now travel yearly to Mysore to study at the source of Ashtanga Yoga, Sharath Yoga Center. Ashtanga Yoga as a spiritual practice, science, lifestyle, and philosophy freed me from suffering and offered me continuous healing on so many levels…even in life’s most difficult moments.

My journey led me to Ubud, Bali where I met my Reiki teacher Cat Wheeler in 2016 and completed under her guidance the first- and second-degree initiation in the Usui System of Reiki (channeled energy). Today, I offer this healing practice to anyone wishing to receive…

My journey thereafter led me to dig deeper and after hearing so much about Vipassana, I finally signed up for my first 10-day silent retreat in 2017. Since then, I’ve adopted this meditation technique in my daily practice and carve time out to attend yearly retreats. 

In November 2023, my teacher Sharath Jois gave me his blessing in Authorization Level 2. I am the 5th Lebanese in the world to ever get authorized.

After teaching for a decade in Beirut, Dubai and Muscat, I have moved to Wisconsin, United States in 2024 where I established ‘Mysore Milwaukee’ at Healium Restore in Milwaukee. I currently offer my teachings, as well as my business acumen by consulting wellness businesses on financials, operations, marketing, and management. 

The lessons and the gifts of these practices have changed my life. The least I can do is share my love and passion with the world.

I give thanks to the teachings and all my teachers.